Clinical Sexology and Sex Therapy Informationon

A clinical sexologist is a sexologist who offers sex counseling to help people understand and accept themselves as sexual beings and meet their sexual goals. Sexologists are sex-positive and maintain a broad perspective by taking factors such as biological, psychological, sociological, anthropological and historical into consideration when addressing sexual issues. They use an educational approach to help clients meet their goals and are nonjudgmental, which means that they do not have any preconceptions of what a client’s sexuality “should” look like. The following are common concerns that a clinical sexologist helps individuals and couples address:

Finding satisfying sexual activities after surgery, a health crisis, ongoing health challenges or limited mobility
Maintaining intimacy and satisfying sexual activities during pregnancy and parenthood
Feeling abnormal (in terms of sexual behavior, fantasy, capability, physique, etc.)
Feeling uninformed or misinformed about sex
Feeling inexperienced
Feeling unskilled
Feeling ashamed of sexuality or sexual desires
Feeling negative about one’s body
Discrepant desires between/ among partners
Sexual orientation identity (straight, gay, bisexual, etc.)
Sexual relationship structure (monogamous, polyamorous, polysexual, open, swinging, etc.)
Negotiating kinky relationships
Gender identity
Lack of or reduced desire or arousal
Difficulty maintaining arousal
Erectile difficulty
Difficulty reaching orgasm
Ejaculatory control difficulties
Fear of or aversion to touch, intimacy, penetration or pain
Unconsummated marriages or relationships
Difficulty identifying satisfying activities for both partners
Difficulty communicating sexual needs and desires
Lack of Intimacy
Sexual trauma or sexual abuse history
Finding satisfying sexual activities after surgery, a health crisis, ongoing health challenges or limited mobility
Sexual compulsion

Sex Coaching

Sex coaching is for those who are single or in healthy relationships who are looking to explore their sexuality and expand their sexual knowledge.

Kink Aware Therapy

A therapist who is Kink Aware recognizes that BDSM, Polyamory, Swinging and other alternative sexual and lifestyle practices are part of the normal sexual spectrum, and is able to distinguish healthy sexual play from non-consensual abuse. Kink Aware Therapists (KAT) have additional post graduate training about alternative sexual expression via, books, articles, continuing education, seminars, websites, etc. KATs are aware what constitutes safe and unsafe play (acknowledging of course that different people have different standards for that). KATs are aware of the roles and role expectations of those who participate in alternative sexual expression lifestyles. Patsy Evans has been an active advocate and Kink Aware Professional for the alternative lifestyle communities for more than a decade. She is also a public speaker and activist for the sexual positive culture and freedom movement.

Sex Positive Counseling and Therapy

Sex Positive Therapists and Counselors believe that consensual sexual activities, even outside of cultural norms, are a healthy forms of intimate expression. While emphasizing personal responsibility between consenting adults, safe sex practices and respect for individual limits and preferences, sex-positive therapists and counselors support and encourage their patients to explore their sexuality, experiment sexually and discover what works best for them and their partners. Sex-positivity respects and celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires, relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent, openness and honesty between or among partners.

We work with people who identify as or are exploring LGBTQIADP, polyamory, open relationships, kink, fetish, furry and BDSM. We are LGBTQIADP, kink and poly friendly and knowledgeable.

We also certify patients who desire to undergo gender correcting medical procedures.