Therapist Nicki Introduction aka Unicorn Therapist

Therapist Nicki gives a brief introduction to her practice and specializations at Harmony US Inc.

Nicki Line aka Therapist Nicki is a licensed mental health counselor, geek therapist, and board certified sex therapist. She specializes in kink and alternative relationships such as polyamory. She is also a traumatologist, addictionlogist and geek therapist. Nicki works with individuals, children, adolescents, relationships, and families. Other areas of specialization include eating disorders, military and civil service personnel.

Therapist Nicki brings her unique sense of humor and style to her practice, Harmony US Inc.  Where geek is our kink! She is also known as the Healing Unicorn. Using creative methods to clean out old wounds so the individual can heal and thrive. The creative methods include incorporating pop culture, anime, virtual reality, comic books, video games, and table top role playing games. This results from her life long geeky pursuits of never stop playing or believing in magic.

In addition to being a mental health expert, Therapist Nicki is the student director at the International Academy of Collaborating Counseling, and Coaching Education (IACCCE), instructor at Kink Therapy Certification Institute (KTCI), and Sex Positive Academy (SPA). The creator of HarmonyUS Games, the therapeutic gaming branch of HarmonyUS Inc. As well as an instructor for Kink Therapist Certification Institute and Sex Positive Academy. Lastly, Therapist Nicki and Therapist Sara run the HarmonyGeekTherapy Twitch stream discussing mental health themes of childhood movies and video games.

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