Dating Advice from Monster Prom

Dating Advice from Monster Prom, a multiplayer dating simulator, is diverse and hilarious. Firstly, you have the nightmare of High school and now you have 3 weeks to woo a prom date. This game provides multiple lessons in monster romance. But you may not learn the same lessons I did, because the playthroughs vary from player to player. They have a few secret endings.

It follows typical dating sim logic: You only have three weeks left until prom, and you need to make the monster of your dreams swoon for you. Otherwise you risk going stag to Spooky High School’s biggest shindig of the year. You have the choice of six suitors, from your typical jock werewolf, genocidal mermaid princess to a hipster vampire Instaphile and an undead thrill-seeker high on ecto-cocaine, constantly Yaaas-ing.

The events play out as expected for a dating sim. By spending time with characters and making dialogue choices, you’ll improve your relationships. Of course, these events tend to go pretty off the rails rather quickly. Some are lighthearted, like the player and Polly trying to figure out what are each others’ “spirit emojis”, and others might have you and several other classmates participating in a game show to win the affection of the persistently annoying Interdimensional Prince. You never know what scenario is going to come up next because of the randomization of the game’s programing. This gives the game extra replay value. Be ready to rap battle griffins and invent a new sport if you want to pass gym class. These laugh out loud moments are heightened when you play Monster Prom with friends. I also need to mention majority of the students are old enough to be in or have graduated college.

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Dating Advice (there was not much)

  1. Do not play with emotional intelligence in mind, in fact, choose the opposite. I noticed if you fawn over the more self-centered characters the higher your stats will go.
  • I feel this particular game is designed for the player to fail majority of the time. Whether I won or lost the game is hilarious.
  • The more outrageous the idea the better the chance of you getting points. Not something I would recommend when dating someone.

As far as taking cues for behavior to apply in real life situations this game is a no go. However, you are looking for an entertaining game to play with friends this is it. My friends and I have bonded over trying to woo particular characters. My favorite so far is the genocidal mermaid princess. Image if Ariel were mashed up with Adolf Hitler then you would get this character. Finally you can watch me, Therapist Nicki, play Monster Prom and other dating simulation games. Just subscribe to the Harmony Geek Therapy Twitch channel. I play Simulation Dating on Wednesday mornings. I hope to chat with you there.

You can watch a short run through here: