Coaching and Supervision Services

Are you struggling to achieve your business and personal goals, then you need coaching and supervision. We will listen attentively, assess, and are not be afraid to tell it like it is. Therefore, when you falter or question your ability to reach your goals, our team motivates you to keep going. Ultimately, we help you to get  “unstuck.”

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Coaching Services

Dr. Harmony Group Work
Dr. Harmony Business Coaching a Team

Business Coaching and Supervision

This is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. Thus, our goal is to coach you into a mindset of business growth. Business coaches help you clarify the vision of your business goals. Additionally, we help you to create a mindset of business success.

The HarmonyUs team has helped many startups turn into successful and lucrative companies. We help individuals to achieve their entrepreneurial, educational, and career dreams. Therefore, if your are feeling stuck on your business, we can help.

Executive and Leadership

This is a process that involves trained professionals that empower you to be the best leader that you can be. Thus, coaches use encouragement, guidance, and support. Coaches are muses, teachers, and acute observers. Therefore, they help you to master your leadership performance and development. Additionally, our model of care builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals.

Dr. Harmony and Jeremy with His First Emmy Award
Dr. Harmony and Jeremy with His Emmy Award
Snuggle Buddy
Carebear Coaching

Carebear Coaching

This is a form of emotional support that assists people with their therapeutic journey. Thus, they provide emotional support during both crisis and maintenance work. Carebears help support you through a variety of methods. For example, they teach and model coping skills.

Coaches also run groups and as well as assist in emergency interventions. Therefore, carebear coaching is a great additional tool for your therapeutic journey.

Sex Coaching
Sex Coaching

Sex and Relationship Coaching

Intimacy coaching is for those who want to explore their sexual self and expand their sexual knowledge. It is good for people who are single or in healthy relationships.

Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana, CBD, and Cannabis

Cannabis coaching is a specialization of health & wellness coaching, blending established coaching practices and methods, with cannabis specific guidance and education. They empower patients to build confidence and become active participants in their cannabis care so they can meet their mental health goals. Additionally, they teach clients how to integrate cannabis as a tool for larger health and wellness, and not just as a bandaid to cover symptoms.

Coaching and Supervision
Coaching Flow Chart

Career and Employment

Good coaches will purge the mental clutter and distractions. Additionally, we help you transition through overwhelming business and career transitions, as well as, blocks in momentum. Therefore, our role is to guide you through this challenging time with support and confidence.

There are a number of issues that can interfere with your career success. Thus, it is essential to identify your needs and transform them into goals. For example, if you have trouble saying “No,” a coach can help you set boundaries. Consequently, you gain more control over your life.

Together, we develop your treatment plan based upon your goals and various professional assessments. Therefore, we use tools that analyze your behavioral style through testing and analysis. These tools offer us an objective look at the how and why you work the way you do.

For example, we use the following assessments:

HarmonyUs coaches and supervisors teach you to leverage your strengths in work and life. Hence, you will leave our practice empowered and ready to face your new role.

We offer support and structured guidance through a ,many kinds of career transitions. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a new job or starting out with a business of your own, we will help you strategize and execute on your plan.

Search for a New Job
Search for a New Job

Clinical Supervision

The process of mental health mentoring and supervision enhances the growth and skills for clinicians in the mental health field. Thus, our team members hold state and national licenses in mental health as well as hold a number of certifications in specialty areas. Ultimately, the goals of clinical supervision include:

  • teaching clinicians to use counseling skills appropriately
  • increase therapy intervention knowledge
  • coach clinicians in the proper care and feeding of a client caseload.
Dr. Harmony and Dr. John Gottman
Dr. Harmony and Dr. John Gottman in Supervision
Dr. Harmony Teaching
Dr. Harmony Teaching and Coaching Therapists

The supervisors at HarmonyUs Inc. offer clinical supervision in both traditional therapeutic models, as well as, several niche areas. For example, some of these areas including:

  • trauma counseling
  • relationship counseling
  • sex therapy
  • geek therapy
  • working with alternative sexuality and relationships
  • gender care.