Counseling and Therapy Services

Everyone is an individual, thus our team offers a variety of counseling and therapy services to accommodate a variety of mental health needs.

Purple Line


Individual therapy is one on one counseling that is direct, active, and personal. Thus, goals often include on increasing the individual’s self-understanding and adjustment to changes in their world.

Dr. Harmony Assessing Foxxxy Dame
Dr. Harmony Assessing Foxxxy Dame for Counseling


This form of counseling helps intimate relationships have healthier and happier interactions. We balance both science and tradition in our model of care. Therefore, our practice uses both the HART and Gottman methods of intervention.

Dr. Harmony Therapy
Dr. Harmony Therapy

Families and Teams

Systems therapy involves working with families and other teams or groups. It nurtures positive change, collaboration, and cohesiveness. This model believes that all members of a family system have important roles in each others lives. Thus, we teach your systems work together collaboratively and in harmony. Team therapy is complex and needs additional time. Therefore, we suggest family counseling to be booked in two hour blocks.

Group Work

Group work offers an environment to achieve social goals. It teaches social conversation skills and helps patients to develop crucial communication skills. Our therapeutic model believes that connection is essential in mental health. Thus, our practice offers several kinds of group activities.

Happy Turtle Group Therapy
Happy Turtle Group Therapy

Counseling Intensives

Intensives are a powerful model of therapeutic intervention. Set in 4 hour block of time, this therapeutic process allows for a more efficient form of therapy because the pressure of time constraints is removed. Intensive therapy is usually the preferred method of treatment for couples work and families. Often, it is done with the work of one or two co-therapists.

Dr Harmony Coaching
Dr Harmony Coaching

Court Assessments

The mental health and legal field overlap. Thus, there are times when a mental health professional is called upon to be a legal expert. We conduct assessments or act as an expert for testimony or recommendations. For example, one kind of legal event involves the client’s welfare and their ability to stay safe. Another example of a legal case where mental health is involved, is in custody cases. HarmonyUs offers a number of these services, however, you will need to consult with your provider for what services they are willing to offer.

Court Reporting