Professional Rates and Services

HarmonyUs Inc. offers competitive rates for a variety of budgets. Professional rates are based on several pieces of criteria. Some fees are based upon level of education and experience. Whereas, other fees are based upon specific services.

The Cost of Inner Peace… Priceless

-Dr. Harmony

Professional Rate Scale

Dr. Harmony Therapy
Dr. Harmony Therapy


Supervising professionals have specialized post graduate training in supervision and have more than 10+ years in the profession. So, their rates are our highest.

$250 Per Clinical Hour

Sand Tray Therapy
Sand Tray Therapy


Associate professionals are well trained and licensed, however, they have less than 5 years post licensure experience.

$150 Per Clinical Hour

Dr Harmony Coaching
Dr Harmony Coaching

Post Graduates

Post graduate professionals are post graduate clinical interns registered with the state. Additionally, these mental health clinicians are working towards their state license.

$75 Per Clinical Hour

Student Intern

Student Interns

Our practice has a high demand for supervision, hence, student interns are carefully selected and appropriately supervised. Often it is like having the best of both worlds.

$25-50 Per Clinical Hour

Specialized Treatment Services

Business Coach
Business Coach

Business Consulting Services

These services focus on finding you immediate solutions your business problems. Consulting is a concierge service, thus, we recommend setting up a free one hour consultation to assess your specific need.

Contact Jason Denis at for more information.

$150 Per Clinical Hour

Carebear Buddy
Snuggle Buddy

Carebear Coaching Services

This is a form of emotional support that helps people with their therapeutic journey. Carebears provide emotional support during both crisis and maintenance work. Therefore, their role can take on many forms. They are teachers, coaches, and therapists.

$25-$50 Per Clinical Hour

Teacher's Desk
Teacher’s Desk

Psycho-education Classes

Psycho-education are systematic, structured, and didactic classes. They are designed to teach you about a variety of mental heath topics and interventions. Thus, they make a wonderful and affordable additions to your treatment plan. In person workshops are preferred, however, we only offer online classes at this time.

$20 Per Hour

Intense Group Therapy
Intense Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group work offers an environment to achieve social goals. Group is a social skills building activity. As a result, you can expect to practice and develop crucial communication skills learned in individual therapy. In person groups are preferred, however ,we only offer online group work at this time.

$20 Per Hour

Couple's Therapy
Couple’s Therapy

Counseling Intensives

Intensives are set in 4 hour blocks of time. It is the most efficient form of therapeutic intervention. Thus, this is the service you want for fastest results. Furthermore, intensive therapy is usually the preferred method of treatment for couples work, teams, and families.

$450 Per 4 Clinical Hour Block

Medical Cloud
Medical Cloud

Mental Health Assessments*

We offer third party mental health assessments for physicians and surgeons. Some medical doctors who work with radical transformations, such as gender correction, understand the need to collaborate with mental health professionals. Thus, many doctors will require a third party mental health evaluation prior to any radical “elective” medical or surgical interventions.

These Mental Health Evaluations for medical treatment are very complex. It involves evaluating your current mental health, as well as, how your physical health and mental health interact.

Assessments require at least two clinical visits and assessments.

$650 Per Assessment Package

Concierge Text Services
Concierge Text Services

Concierge Text Services*

Do you ever wish you could sent your therapist notes in between sessions? Then, concierge therapy is for you. This specialty services has a multitude of applications such as reality checking during a difficult time or relapse prevention. In addition, it is reduces stress knowing you can reach out at anytime.

$60 Per Week

Assessment Rates

The legal and mental health field sometimes overlap. We conduct assessments, help with mediation, or act as an expert for testimony or recommendations. HarmonyUs offers a number of these services, however, not all clinicians work in the legal field. Thus, you will need to consult with your provider for what services they are willing to offer.

$450 Per Clinical Hour

Emergencies and Urgent Care

Our facility is NOT equipped to handle emergencies. In an emergency, Always contact 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. However, our team does offer urgent care services. HarmonyUs team members have an on call schedule similar to many group medical practices. Being on call is life limiting because we need to be available at a moments notice. For example, call weeks limit our ability to travel, socialize, and spend time with our families. Therefore, taking turns handling urgent care clients helps us to maintain life balance. So, if you contact us for an urgent care session, you are NOT guaranteed to meet with your particular therapist or coach. But, the on call clinician always staffs the call with your therapist prior to your next visit with them.

Should your situation require a number of urgent care calls, we recommend contacting us about our concierge services.

$300 per clinical hour

Professional Services and Insurance

Insurance Information

We believe that privacy, safety, and security are essential boundaries for therapy to be most effective. Thus, in order to protect your privacy and your future opportunities for mental health care, we prefer not working with insurance companies.

In our experience, insurance companies do not work in the best interest of the client. However, several members of our team are in network providers for many insurance panels. We also submit billing for Out-Of-Network Benefits for PPO Plans. But rates and deductible vary from plan to plan.

Insurance companies do make money through paying for services, thus, they create barriers for us as a provider to be paid. They often require a significant amount of private (and irrelevant) data with the goal of finding a way to deny coverage of our serves. In addition, to violating your privacy, this drives the cost of therapy up due to the additional staff and time required to chase a payment. In conclusion, to best evaluate your insurance coverage, and weigh the risk vs benefits, please contact your health insurance company or broker for more information about your mental health benefits. Then, contact to discuss your options.

*Insurance does not cover specialty programs

In-Network Insurance

  • Aetna
  • American Behavioral
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Ceridian/Lifeworks
  • Cigna
  • CompPsych
  • Humana
  • Lifeworks/Ceridian
  • Magellan
  • MHN
  • Humana Lifesynch
  • Multiplan/PHCS 
  • PsychCare/ Avmed
  • National EAP
  • Tricare South