The Harmony Therapist Team

The HarmonyUs Team is a hand curated collection of amazing mental health professionals, therapists, and coaches. Collectively we all share the same therapeutic values, each team member has their individual style of treatment. Thus, our styles are different but our intentions are the same.

Dr. Harmony

Dr. Patsy Evans a.k.a. Dr. Harmony is one of Florida’s leading psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist and Traumatologist.

Therapist Nicki Line

Nicki Line aka Therapist Nicki is a licensed mental health counselor, geek therapist, and board certified sex therapist.

Jason Denis

Jason is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Publisher, Producer, Business Coach, Branding, Advertising, and Marketing Consultant.

Jim Evans

Jim Evans, a Q.A. Engineering Principle, is our VP of Risk Management and HIPAA Officer.

Harmony Team
Harmony Team
Care Bear Veronica

CareBear Veronica loves to assist others to live in their best life possible and provide emotional support during the harder times in life.

Therapist Sara

Sara earned her Master’s degree from Walden University where she specialized in working with LGBTQIA+ population, Gender Fluidity, and Crisis and Trauma.

Therapist Abby
Therapist Abby

Abby earned her Masters degree from Northwestern University where she specialized in working with the LGBTQIA+ population.