Questions about Counseling and Therapy

You have questions about counseling or therapy? Therefore, we created a page with the answers! If you haves questions that are not answered here, we still have answers. Thus, to find these answers, please contact Veronica at

Counseling and Therapy Questions and Answers

What is Counseling and Therapy?

Therapy Session
Therapy Session

Counseling is defined as, a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups. Thus, it helps to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. Therefore, if you are feeling lost or stuck in life? Counseling and therapy are a solution.

What is Psychotherapy or Therapy?

What Do I Need?
What Do I Need?

Psychotherapy a.k.a. Therapy is therapeutic interaction or treatment contracted between a trained professional and a client. Thus, a client is a patient, family, couple, or group. Simply, psychotherapy is a general term for treating mental health problems with talk therapy and other insight oriented interventions. Mental health professionals can be a psychiatrist, psychologist or another mental health provider. Therefore, if you are struggling with mental health issues, our practice is the right place to start!

Why do people go to Counseling and Therapy?


People seek counseling for a variety of emotional reasons. If you are feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, worried, or angry, then therapy is for you. People also seek out counseling to help change behaviors that are troubling them. These behaviors include struggles with addiction or behaviors that harm their relationships at home or at work.

Additionally, some people seek counseling because they have a life goal that has been eluding them and they are ready to explore their barriers. Other people seek out counseling because they know they are going through a difficult time. They also seek help if they are facing a difficult decision and they desire a place to sort through their feelings. They desire the support so they can move forward in their life with intention and clear thinking. Thus, counseling and therapy helps with an array of life challenges.

How does Counseling and Therapy help?

Stop Smoking Now
Stop Smoking Now

Clients report experiencing new insights into their situations. Therefore, they report clearer thinking and a better understanding of their feelings and needs. Some patients say that they experience a release of troubling emotions that have held them back or been confusing. Thus, therapy helps them to sort out these feelings. In general, patients collectively report a greater sense of wholeness and peace within themselves.

Therapy is a process. A working partnership develops between client and therapist. Therapy is not always comfortable or straightforward’ Difficult emotions and ways they are unpacked can be uncomfortable. However, with the right mental health partner, it can be done in a supported and safe way. Clients who feel comfortable with their therapist learn to be able to ask about whatever is on their mind without fear of judgement. The temporary pain of the work is worth leaving behind the pain of living the way they had previously.

Will anyone know what I say in counseling?


Counseling is Confidential. In accordance with state and federal law as well as professional and ethical guidelines for mental health providers, we maintain confidential records of all contacts with clients. Therefore, no identifying information – written or otherwise – about your contact with HarmonyUs will be disclosed to anyone outside of HarmonyUs without your written authorization.

This exclusion includes family, friends, work and any other individuals or entities; no one gets to know what you talk about (or even that you are coming here) unless you want them to know.

There are some legal exceptions to this confidentiality. Thus, we want you to know about them. Therefore, we ask that you please read our confidentiality policy completely to understand these exceptions. Additionally, We also ask that you ask questions about any of the policy that is unclear.

Ultimately, the reason we prefer NOT to use health insurance, is because insurance companies will not reimburse for your services unless they have complete access to your private chart. Therefore, we ask that each client weigh the pros and cons of paying out of pocket vs utilizing your health insurance.

Does my insurance cover the cost of Counseling and Therapy?


As a courtesy, HarmonyUs does submit billing to some insurance companies. However, some of the services provided at HarmonyUs may not be eligible for insurance coverage. We cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse for these services. Thus, all charges are your responsibly. Insurance companies will not cover services without complete access to ALL your therapy chart. Thus, we prefer NOT to involve your health insurance at all. However, if you have questions, please discuss them with your insurance representative.

Intensive Counseling Questions and Answers

What are the benefits of Intensive Counseling?

Dr. Harmony Group Work
Dr. Harmony Group Work

The overall benefit of intensive counseling is that participants can make extraordinary gains in a relatively short period of time. In fact, many alumni of our intensive counseling programs report “life changing breakthrough” as a result of their experience with intensive counseling. Therefore, therapy benefits may include:

  • Addressing and significantly healing
  • Identifying and treating addictions at the root level.
  • Restoring and strengthening broken
  • Preventing divorce when all other options appear to be exhausted.
  • Cultivating one’s capacity for intimacy with self and others.
  • Learning paradigms and practices to help sustain vitality and joy.
  • Strategic family planning.

What is the format for intensive counseling?

Intense Group Therapy
Intense Group Therapy

Counseling and therapy intensives are solution focused and goal oriented. Thus, our format of an intensive allows families, couples and individuals to meet in 4 hour blocks.

  • Participants meet approximately 4 hour sessions with one or two therapists tailored to address the needs of your individual situation.
  • Daily assignments or other exercises are given for outside of session homework.
  • Intensive focus creates the opportunity to move forward with clarity, direction, renewed purpose and substantial healing of issues and wounds.
  • Each intensive is designed with ample time to explore personal and relational issues outlined in goals.

Who should attend a counseling intensive?

Dr Harmony Coaching
Dr Harmony Coaching

Are you wanting your therapeutic experience to be as efficient as possible? Then, intensive work is for you. Intensives offer the space and time for everyone to unpack their needs and problem solve. Thus, we believe that intensive therapy work well for for families and couples.

Ultimately, clients generally fall into one of two categories: those who need a tune-up and those who need an overhaul. For example:

  • pastors and ministers, church leaders, missionaries
  • retired and active duty military personnel
  • physicians and healthcare workers
  • first responders such as firefighters and police officers
  • executives, entrepreneurs and business persons
  • motivated laypersons of any kind
  • marital issues such as conflict, communication or intimacy
  • adultery, sexual addiction or struggles with pornography
  • difficulties with intimacy
  • burnout and exhaustion from life, work, spiritual abuse or feelings of disillusionment
  • strengthening or deepening intimacy in an already good marriage
  • spiritual direction and/or deepening intimacy with self
  • understanding barriers to living fully alive and engaged