Therapist Sara Mercier-Kennedy MS, RMHC-I, LPCC ,NCC

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Therapist Intern

Sara’s Education

Therapist Sara has earned a Master of Science from Walden University with specialization in the LGBTQIA+ population and Gender Fluidity, as well as Crisis and Trauma.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Colorado State University with an emphasis on Gender Identity formation and LGBTQIA+ issues.  More specifically those in relation to the Transgender population and access to healthcare and mental health counseling by knowledgeable professionals. Sara has done lectures at Colorado State University, Front Range Community College, and Western State University on Gender Fluidity, and Gender Identity Formation.

Therapist Sara’s Treatment Style

Therapist Sara’s main mission is to provide a safe, empathetic, and understanding environment for clients to explore who they are regardless of where they have been.  Healing begins by understanding ourselves.  It continues through exploration of those things that have brought us joy as well as pain.  This understanding and acceptance of ourselves can ultimately lead us to not only the most authentic version of ourselves, but a self that can truly accept others as well.

While Sara does utilize a variety of styles, theories, and interventions in my work. She is primarily a Reality Therapist whose emphasis is on the choices that we make and the consequences of those choices and how those choices have led us to where we are and can lead us to the most authentic version of ourselves.  Sara also employs geek therapy in her treatment style as she is an all-around gamer/neet/anime weeb who enjoys all of life’s little self-care routines.   

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Therapist Sara and Her Community

She is active in the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, She worked with the ACA’s LGBTQ division during her undergraduate studies. Sara also served on the committee for making language in documentation more gender neutral.  She volunteers in the local community Hospice and with our local LGBTQ service centers. Sara is a Gamer/Neet/Anime Weeb and all around lover of life’s little self-care routines. Thus, if you are queer and geeky, Sara is the therapist for you!

Mega Pride
Mega Pride
Therapist Sara Mercier-Kennedy B.S./B.A.

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