Veronica Martin CKAP, CESC

Practice Administrator and Art Therapy Coach

Veronica’s Education

Veronica began her healthcare career as a CNA. She gained her care giving and emotional support experience working in a long term care and rehabilitation facility assisting nurses, assisting physicians and nurses at both a large & small private practice. Veronica also cared for a chronically ill family member growing up and into her mid 30’s. She also loves working with individuals who are aging, in need of end of life care, chronically ill, physically impaired, developmentally challenged, those in need of temporary assistance after a procedure / surgery requiring rehabilitation.

She also has experience with patient and client case management, appointment scheduling, and both medical & mental health billing. CareBear Veronica has worked for HarmonyUs Inc. since 2016. She is also a Certified Kink Aware Professional and Certified Emotional Support Companion and works with all ages of individuals and groups.

Her Treatment Philosophy

Veronica Martin would like to help you be the best version of yourself. Whether it be during your healing process with emotional support, your growth process with check ins, or in developing new friendships and relationships with others and maintaining them.

As a Certified kink Aware professional and Coach, Veronica works with all types of individuals, lifestyles, and age groups. Good relationships with ourselves and others are a necessary part of life and help us thrive. Developing self love or lasting relationships with others is something we all need. Our Carebear can assist you in identifying and meeting your needs in relationships with yourself & others.

Veronica also has experience in developing healthy coping and self care skills and activities for anxiety and depression. Additionally, she offers therapeutic art services that help with emotional regulation, thought processing, self healing, growth, and personal goals. For individuals who are focused on setting and reaching their therapy goals with their HarmonyUs, Inc Therapists. She can also provide checkins and accountability along the way as you need. If you need a little emotional support, relationship coaching, or care for yourself or a loved one, schedule yourself some CareBear time!

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Certified Therapeutic Art Coach, Artist & Illustrator

She also creates hand drawn art in her spare time, featuring mental health & trauma themes, nude & kink related scenes, mandalas, and creatures living their best life in nature. Care giving, assisting, genuinely caring & supporting others, and creating art are what this CareBear is all about.

Schedule your CareBear time if you are in need of Care giving for you or a family member, family member sitting (to give yourself some time away), household chores or household errands due to physical limitations or illness, emotional support during a difficult time, or a companion to go with you to an appointment or meeting. Also, she gives great hugs. If you need someone who will assist you, listen, and care, CareBear Veronica Martin will be there!

Veronica Martin
Veronica Martin
Care Bear Veronica
Care Bear Veronica

Contact Information

Text Me813-375-2650